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Game Pit #2: Give a Penny, Take a Penny

Game Pit Podcast

Game PIT #2 : Give a Penny, Take a Penny

Happy Halloween! Come join us as we discuss Language, Ghost Dry Cleaning, and of course baby stacking. We've ditched the background music and thrown in a new bunch of audio treats. So strap down your favourite aquatic mammal, grab a match and get ready for it.
We cover

  • What the heck is this C++ thing?
  • Should ghosts change their clothes?
  • Does a player have rights?
  • How does our first programming assignment measure up?

Hope it satisfies your hunger. On a side note I have ditched the background music and shuffled things around. Also the site has updated. Checkout the code page for tutorial links and other little surprises.

We need FEEDBACK so we can tailor the cast to whats needed. Thanks in advance.

- Claire Blackshaw