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Book Review: Reborn as a Vending Machine

Book Review: Reborn as a Vending Machine

"There is some surprising complexity in this isekai." That was the line my wife blurted after she asked me was it good. It's honestly a fun romp I would recommend to anyone as being both silly and wholesome. It maintains a unique flavour while "conforming" to several tropes.

It has some surprising nuance in places for all the silliness of the premise and tropes of the genre.

I would strongly recommend this book to genre fans, but I would also say there is something special here.

It really was the perfect birthday book.

Book Review: Artemis by Andy Weir

Book Review: Artemis by Andy Weir

My lovely Ducky got me Artemis for Chrismas. I confess I skipped this one hearing mixed reviews, but with a lovingly gifted paperback sitting on the lounge table, it seemed time to tackle it. I quickly ate up the novel in two days, its an easy and compelling read but the entire time I was groaning and reading awkward passages aloud to her.

Overall the plot will carry you through, and the science in the book is exciting and engaging.
The characters are relatively flat single notes, and the main female character is rather cringe-worthy at times.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Martian but looking back, it seems to play to the author's strengths. It's frustrating because I found the plot and concepts so interesting in this book, but the characters and interactions were off-putting. The guy is gay, the marine is stoic, the police officer is a Mountie, the dad is Muslim, this guy is a Trekkie, this guy is rich. It lacks, and sometimes elements like the reusable condom RnD could be cut entirely leave nothing of substance out and be much less cringe-inducing.

I would say it's a fun, fast read but don't read it for the characters. Which is a shame as the story structure is character-driven.

In other news I'm trying to find the line between update and blog post. I think I need to work on some of the web tooling a bit more ;)


So I realised one of the reasons I don't post as often to my website is that often content is not blog worth but its more substantial than a tweet.

When Twitter started we referred to it as a Micro Blogging service. There where some other competitors, such as Tumblr but it really stole the spotlight and solidified the idea. I still need to make my Golang static website generator update AWS but its relativly low friction.

Future steps might involve intergration with ActivityPub though that can get a bit spicy with static webpages. Really it's a lightweight blog so RSS should be fine but I'm in two minds.

Anyway the good news is updates are easier