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Judging Daring Doers

This year was the first time I was involved in Dare to be Digital. Now I’ll admit that due to time commitments and unfamiliarity, I sent others from my team to mentor but agreed to judge. Now I’m kicking myself, why did I pass up the opportunity to mentor such amazing and brilliant students. In a few weeks these students have produced high quality vertical slices and complete products which in some cases surpass the level of quality I’ve seen in many studio incubations, RnD or pitch teams.

Every game, bar one, blew me away in quality and the teams were talented, engaged individuals who clearly have a future in our industry if they continue at this level. A wide range of platforms and ubiquitous brilliant tools really pushed quality and innovation to an all time high. This year was apparently a watermark year according to the other judges and I’m glad to have been there. In fact my only WTF moment was, where were Microsoft? Some brilliant Kinect work on the floor, almost all of which hit the mark.

So onto the teams themselves...